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	    -= Argante Development Team =-

This is a list of people involved in Argante project in some way:

Michal Zalewski (lcamtuf@ids.pl)
Project coordinator.
Original concept, design and, mostly, kernel implementation + documentation,
basic modules, bugfixes, examples, AHLL translator, agtc compiler etc.

Maurycy Prodeus (z33d@eth-security.net)
Author of real-time debugging + deassemblation support and other enhancements 
/ ideas; advmem / math development
Artur Skura (artur@linux.com.pl)
Translating the documentation; some ideas and tips, python version of binary
headers editor; readline support for Linux version, announcements, contacts
etc :)

Marcin Dawcewicz (miv@interia.pl)
Network support, testing, ripcd daemon, criticism ;)
Bulba (bulba@intelcom.pl)
Numerous bugfixes and suggestions; C version of binary headers editor. 
Developing IPC/rIPC subsystem.

scrippie (scrippie@werule.pl)
Some documentation updates, general code cleanups and other "ant work" ;)))

ArtGabi (www.artgabi.com.pl)
Webpage design, Argante logo and so on :P

bikappa (bikappa@itapac.net)
Low-level network access module.

Adam Podstawczyński (adam@english.w3.pl)
Documentation review and cleanup.

Łukasz Jachowicz (honey@linux.net.pl)
svgalib support

Marcin Zukowski (eru@ibbrain.ibb.waw.pl
Modula-3 compiler, bugfixes etc

Jaroslaw J. Pyszny (arghil@zeisk.tech.us.edu.pl)
  Numerous suggestions, vim RSIS highlight files...

Adam Chodorowski (adam.chodorowski@bigfoot.com)
Suggestions, GGI support etc.

James Kehl (ecks@optusnet.com.au)
GTK management console

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